Starry Cookies

Hi, friends! I’m so happy to present to you my new recipe of simple, fast, delicious cookies that take your breath away and sweep you off your feet! And they’ll be great as companions to your tea or hot chocolate! (The photo of the final result is at the end of the post just fyi. […]

Bookstagram Posts

Why, hello! Hope you’re doing well. In this post I’ll be showing you the books I reviewed on my former bookstagram (for those who don’t know, #bookstagram is a sort of land on Instagram where people mainly -99%- talk about books). Yesterday I deleted my account over there, so I decided to move the posts […]


There are so many options in this world, aren’t they? Same with people. And I think you know that digging for gold takes awhile, but because I love people who share valuable info and wish to do the same, I’m excited to present the following list to you! We’ll focus on Youtube today. Most specifically, […]

Sewing Scrunchies

Hello, friends! Awhile ago I needed to do something to get my mind off things, so I stumbled upon a video of someone who was sewing a scrunchie. Little did I know how fun and therapeutic it would get! Seriously. After you get the hang of it and you will because it’s easy, especially if […]


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About Me

Hello there! A few words about me: Romanian. Literature and foreign languages graduate. Loving Jesus. Immersing myself in lots of books on a weekly basis. Practicing writing. Oh and I really love tea!

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